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For most countries outside the EU and America, vaccinations are recommended to protect against certain illnesses, such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Diphteria, Tetanus and Polio to name a few.

Some vaccinations need more than one dose to complete the course so it is best to contact us two months before your intended date of travel if possible.

Before your appointment please complete the travel vaccination form and email it to us so that we can ensure we have all you need ready for your consultation.

You can also find more extensive travel information at

Please note we are not a Yellow Fever centre.

To simplify matters for you and make it more cost effective, we offer a basic vaccination package that contains all the vaccinations most frequently needed: this package will cover you for trips to most holiday destinations, and all of them can be done during the same consultation, leaving you time to get on with whats really important thinking about your holiday.

Basic Package £150

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • DTP (Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio)

Please note it is advisable to have your vaccinations at least 14 days before you depart, so if you aren’t sure if you need any make sure you check with us.

Some of the other vaccines available

Consultation fee £40

ACWY meningitis

£90 per dose (Course 1 dose)

Hepatitis A

75 per dose (Course 2 doses)

Hepatitis B

£60 per dose

Hepatitis A&B Combined

£85 per dose


£80 for course of 2 oral doses


£52.50 per dose (Booster)

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio/ Pertussis

£70 per dose (Booster, only available for Pregnant Women)

Japanese encephalitis

£115 per dose  (Course 2 doses and booster at 1-2 years)


£85 per dose  (Course 3 doses and booster at 1 year)


£56 per dose (Course 1 dose)

Typhoid/Hepatitis A

£120 per dose (Course 1 dose)

Tick borne encephalitis

£120 per dose (Course 1 dose)

Please note:

We do not offer yellow fever

These prices are correct on 1st of February 2020

The prices may change due to fluctuations in price from the manufacturer.

If you cancel your appointment after the vaccination has been ordered you may still be charged for the cost of the vaccine.

Please book on-line or use our live chat to make an enquiry and arrange your appointment.

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