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High-quality General Practice and Specialist Dermatology
Services to patients and families in London.
Whether you want to gain insight and perspective on your health, need some reassuring advice or seek highly qualified treatment, we help you to do all that.
At Steth & Derm, our scope is to offer 21st century family medicine with a focus on health prevention and highly specialised skin care.

General Practice

Steth And Derm

Taking a holistic approach to identify your needs, we put at your service the most up to date and evidence-based medical knowledge to provide diagnosis, treatment and attentive counselling on your future health.

Your medical care will benefit from personalised treatment plan, in-house investigations and input from our wide network of London’s best medical and surgical consultants.

Specialist Dermatology

Steth And Derm

We are committed to provide you with highly skilled diagnosis and treatment of any skin condition, with paediatric dermatology services standing as our flagship.

As we deeply understand the impact that skin disease can have on the quality of life of our patients and their families, we make helping you achieve better results and regain confidence our top priority.

Hair and Nail

Steth And Derm

We provide highly specialised care for hair, scalp and nail disorders. Trichoscopy and clinical hair photography play a central role in our diagnostic and treatment monitoring processes.

Nail concerns can be caused by simple infections or by a general health problem: at our nail clinic we take care of all of that and also perform surgery for ingrown toenails.

Sexual Health

Steth And Derm

When it comes to your sexual health, the difference is made by the ability of the doctors to provide a comprehensive, discrete and highly skilled sexual health consultation and their expertise in differentiating between infective and inflammatory genital diseases.

At our clinic, you can count on both as we hold specialist qualification in sexually transmitted infections as well as male and female genital skin problems.


Health Screening

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